Empowering the Global American DreamTM


Reality >>      The world is a 6.5+ billion person, US$44.5+ trillion economy.  So what are you waiting for?

Fact >>         Change is an accelerating constant, yet the vast majority of new ventures and strategies fail.

Solution >>    The Hive helps you beat the odds.  Dream big.  Disrupt the status quo.  Out-innovate the competition.  Grow fast.


The Hive FAQ:

Our mission at The Hive is to Empower Your Global American DreamTM.  The Hive is a global venture consulting firm comprised of business and technology gurus, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  We help our clients - start-ups, entrepreneurs, business, government, and nonprofit organizations - bring to life new ideas, strategies, projects, and enterprises that create high growth value and make a real difference in the marketplace and the community. 

The Hive provides Creative Ideation, Business Plan, Entrepreneurial Strategy & Management Consulting to our clients, who include entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, start-up management teams, innovators, executives, and leaders across diverse industries.  Our industry-leading consulting approach crystallizes your core idea and develops the bulletproof business plan, after which radiates The Hive's full value chain of entrepreneurial innovation services.  (Please see Our Services next.)

We specialize in the fields of technology/Internet, entrepreneurship/innovation, and green/triple bottom-line/social change.  (Please see Our Industry Practices below.)  From our extraordinary community of talent, The Hive custom-tailors our teams and cross-pollinates our creative, intellectual, and relationship capital to best solve your business needs and seize new opportunities. 

The Hive is founded and led by CEO James Hung.

Our Services:

The Hive provides the full value chain of entrepreneurial innovation consulting services:

Ideas >>

Strategy >>

Execution >>

Our Industry Practices:

The Hive combines our value chain methodology in entrepreneurial innovation with our industry practices to create compelling out-of-the-box results for our clients in the following sectors:

Our Clients:

Our clients run the gamut from:

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